Thursday, April 2, 2009

**** YOU TUBE ****

Now we hear that the more often such as what time we chat:
"Has been watching the trailer its not AAC? I like watching on youtube lho, cool! "" Finally, I am currently a video clip where the band is on youtube XYZ "

Yup, on YouTube you can find various videos ranging from magic tricks, learn to cook until Arwana hammer you can also watch on YouTube. This site is a phenomenon to be considering a new age in 3 years, has successfully become a top 5 visited sites in the world.

Maybe if google is my salesman you have never read a book .. In fact not only google, youtube also we want to be salesman lho :-) how what's the matter, sites such as google and youtube 'want' to be salesman for us?

Answers to its stereotype, TRAFFIC: D how those who would not want it-so our salesman, but we demand that Pingin numpang on their site visitors a day that millions of people. From the millions of visitors, a middling I have hundreds of incoming products to our site .. Hehe: D

Because this is a YouTube video sharing service, which is to prepare your first video it .. Before making a video, you need to specify keywords that you would use for products that will be promoted. Then do research on a small video on youtube what a tune (read: most often called). Then, create a video short, probably about 3 minutes. In the video, paste the URL you want to promote.

Points are on the making of the video. Make a video that is not too long, but unique, and must be se-natural as possible. Maybe you need to practice first, to create a script and calculate the time needed. Make your video fun and entertaining. If the result is less satisfactory keep practicing until you find the 'style' you own.

Welcome to view and download the contents of one's YOUTUBE you ......
because the fun and excitement of all the medicine is the medicine ....

NB: Make your internet users have a quota to its volume, be careful. Do not blame me for overlimit because frequence watching youtube.